7 Most Popular Designer Jewelry Brands for Ladies

You've heard of the most expensive brand names in jewelry, but how do you know which ones are worth buying? You've probably thought about SVNR, David Yurman, and Hermes, but what about those cheaper brands? Let's take a look. Read on for the best options. You may even find a favorite among these designers. But what do you need to know about these brands?


SVNR is a New York-based brand that specializes in beachy, handmade jewelry. Its designers incorporate ethical and environmental principles into their designs, with pieces like the Abaco stud in gold wire wrapping incorporating sea glass. Other collections feature elegant diamond-studded earring hoops and carved lifesaver stone combinations. The pieces are designed to be worn as singles or to mix and match with other styles.

If you're looking for a fine jewelry brand for women, Cocky Jewellery Promotional Codes is a great option. The company offers free curbside pickup and free shipping. You can find the perfect crew bracelet and more in the store. If you're a fan of the brand, you'll love that Cocky Jewellery has a selection of fine jewelry and carries many of the latest styles.

Soko uses recycled and ethical materials in their pieces. The brand works with artisan entrepreneurs in the Pacific Northwest to create high-quality jewelry that will last a lifetime. Soko also offers an excellent selection of eco-friendly jewelry for women. Its unisex jewelry is incredibly popular, and it makes a great gift, too! Besides earrings, the company sells bracelets, rings, and necklaces.

David Yurman

As a sculptor turned jewelry designer, David Yurman is well known for his sculptural pieces. Although he has a separate men's collection, many of his pieces are equally unisex. Some of his best-known pieces are his chain-link necklaces and cable bracelets, which are designed to mix and match and create a stylish, effortless look.

Established in 1980, David Yurman is a popular brand of women's jewelry. Its designs are playful and reminiscent of the American Craft Movement. Signature pieces include the iconic cable bracelet, which is available in gold or sterling silver and studded with colored gemstones. Celebrities have been spotted wearing David Yurman pieces, such as Jessica Simpson, Brad Pitt, and Shakira.

The David Yurman line of jewelry has become extremely popular since its inception in the late 1970s. Prices vary, with pieces ranging from $100 to several thousand dollars. The designs are visually pleasing and refined to create a look that suits any woman. As one of the most popular designer jewelry brands for ladies, David Yurman continues to inspire new designs and trends. It is an essential purchase for any woman!

For more affordable prices, consider visiting The Art of Jewels Promo Code. They carry the latest trends and styles of jewelry and keep prices affordable. A well-known jewelry brand with a long history, Cartier is a classic for its necklaces and bracelets. David Yurman, meanwhile, has been on the scene since the 1980s and has quickly become one of the world's most popular designer jewelry brands. Yurman's rope-style twist adds a unique touch to every piece. Mikimoto is another classic jewelry brand from Japan. Its founder is known as the first to produce cultured pearls.


Despite its reputation as a high-end luxury brand, Hermes is far from being over-the-top. The French house is known for its understated, elegant pieces that are not only affordable but also stylish. For example, the "Jeu des omnibus et dames blanches" silk scarf was a popular addition to the Hermes collection. And the famous Kelly bag was created by Dumas, Emile Hermes' son-in-law.

A Paris-based designer, Thierry Hermes started his brand in 1837 and quickly gained worldwide fame. His designs are known for their unique style, bold designs, and eccentric colors. Rare beauties are particularly popular, and the designer is known for creating bespoke designs. Hermes designer pieces are not mass-produced, making them impossible to copy. Another luxury brand is Bvlgari, which was founded in the late eighteenth century by Sotirios Voulgaris. Its diamonds and multi-colored stones make it a favorite of celebrities.

The brand began in 1837 in Paris by Thierry Hermes and soon became a worldwide luxury retailer. Its jewelry line expanded in the 1950s, with its pieces ranging from simple leather bracelets to gold and platinum bracelets that command upwards of $100,000. The brand's unique designs have graced the bodies of cultural icons, including Princess Diana and Princess Dianna. Hermes is known for rejecting mass production and creates every piece with meticulous craftsmanship.

SG Fine

SG Fine is known for its beautiful, intricate designs. Founded in 2002, the design studio is a pioneer in the industry, combining clean lines and odd shapes to create a unique aesthetic. The line features an extensive range of jewelry, including necklaces, rings, and bracelets. Most pieces are made by hand in Berlin, using the finest quality materials. SG Fine is among the best-selling designer jewelry brands for ladies in the world.


In addition to the fine jewelry that you can buy, you can also wear trendy pieces of clothing from Flan. You can find adorable earrings made of rhinestones and charms and funky pearl and glass bracelets. If you’re on a budget then check out the Jewelry & Watches Promotional Codes. In addition to jewelry, you can also buy gifts such as hand-woven ponchos and colorful vases. Depending on the budget, you can choose from several styles and colors to find the perfect piece for yourself.


The most important thing to note about Capucine is the authenticity of its diamonds. They use unrefined gemstones in their designs, and all of their diamonds come from conflict-free mines. Another key feature of Capucine's jewelry is its GIA certification, which ensures the quality of the stones used. The company is also dedicated to providing ethically sourced, valuable recycled diamonds. It also offers excellent customer service.


The website of Capucine features fine jewels and was the first jewelry brand to be started in Slovenia. The brand's jewelry focuses on meeting the specific needs of its consumers, and it exudes elegance and minimalism. Each piece of jewelry is individually sourced and meticulously cut, set, and polished to ensure its superior quality. The company also offers customizable jewelry options for consumers.

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